Testimonial – Royden Richardson

“On the personal front, my bike trip was a great success, all 273 Km of it. The first day was particularly challenging as we started in rain and ended in “wetter” rain, which made the crushed gravel pathway of the Confederation Trail soft and gooey. Our guides said that 100 Km peddled on the Confederation Trail is equivalent to cycling about 140 km on pavement in terms of effort required, making our actual journey closer to a 380 Km (~125 km/day).
The person up above in charge of weather must have known the reason why we were all out riding in the rain, because the next two days were a heavenly bonus. Sunny skies, cool temperatures and a 25 Km tailwind came as a welcome relief from the first day grind. Day #2 was spectacular with all the fall colours at their most brilliant. The trail vistas also opened up more offering expansive views of the rolling red fields and quaint cottage architecture that has made P.E.I such a picturesque province.
Having now only left only 76 Km for Day #3, our muscles, knee joints and hips were all feeling the exertion of the previous two days and the pace was slower and more methodical. The trail began to tunnel as the less trimmed back trees branches hung overhead making for long stretches of cathedral like passageways filled with a kaleidoscope of fall colours and streaming patches of sunlight; beautiful beyond words! Our group hung closer together than on the previous two days feeling the companionship that had naturally formed between us. The trail kilometre markers that had gone unnoticed throughout our long ride began to catch everyone’s attention as the conclusion of our journey neared and before we knew it we were at 273 Km, the end.”

Royden Richardson, Toronto
2009 Tip to Tip For Africa Participant


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