Getting Ready

Training for the Ride

Bruce MacPherson will be organizing training rides prior to the event and can be contacted for individual training tips at:  or   (902) 892-6160. Starting in July, training rides are 9:30am on Saturdays from the Farmer’s Market on Belvedere Ave in Charlottetown (the end of the Market farthest from the street).

Here are some helpful links for training:

What to Pack

Please pack light – 17 x 12 x 9″ – There are a lot of bags to carry as you ride. Here is the ideal list of stuff to take:

· Bathing suit for pool
· Clothes and pajamas for two nights
· Toiletries

Things to bring while cycling:
· Windbreaker jacket (water-proof preferably)
· NO JEANS (if they get wet, they weigh a ton)
· Sweat pants or wind pants
· A gel seat is highly recommended
· Helmet (mandatory)
· Tire pump
· Water bottle(s) – water will be provided
· Bike/Tire repair kit; extra tire tube recommended
· Insect repellant
· Sunscreen and Sunglasses
· Trail snacks
· Toilet paper
· Pain medication or medicinal rubs if you think you’ll need them
· Petroleum jelly
· Change of socks
· Biking gloves
· Ensure your name and address is on your gear to prevent confusion
· Camera
· Safety pins for your bib numbers (approximately 6)


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready

    1. Hi Dagny & John… the itinerary is on our Route & Schedule page. I can’t answer your question about arrangements for those who can’t do the full ride each day, but I will have someone get in touch with you.

  1. We are building in contingency plans, for injuries, mechanical problems, and to accommodate those people that simply want to do part of the ride and perhaps pick up with the team later on or even the next day. So I feel sure we can accommodate riders of all levels.

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